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The Lead Builder Engine (LBE) is like having a full-time sales person. We provide quality leads and automated emails at a reasonable price.

Our goal is work directly with Micro Businesses, Entrepreneurs and business consultants by providing an automated way of finding new business.

We work hard to provide the most up to date data available. While no data is perfect, we update our database daily at 12pm.

In addition to automated mailing and marketing lists, our subscribers have access to hundreds of thousands of new businesses!

US (832) 617-7959

UK 0203 633 6682

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How it works

We use bespoke AI (Artificial Intelligence) to refine our sales lists daily. Our lists are made up of companies.

We use advance algorithms to generate leads. We provide our clients with the list of leads and also initiate an automated daily email strategy based on the clients desired outcomes.


It is your responsibility to comply with any and all laws related to the Federal Do Not Call List and Anti-Spam. Keep in mind that new numbers are added to the Do Not Call Lists daily and the Do Not Call List is constantly changing therefore you are responsible for the use of the data and complying with the Federal Do Not Call List.

If you decide to use any list in a manner that violates any Federal or State law, you may be subject to fines and penalties. Please be sure to research and understand the laws in your area.

Why You Need An Automated Sales Team

As a small business owner time is precious. The LBE frees you up to focus on your customers.
The top fear of most business owners is making sales calls. The LBE is like having a full times sales team. Once your engine is set up it will send automated emails to pre-filtered potential customers 24/7 365.
Building a sustainable business requires the consistent acquisition of new customers. LBE can help you attract a steady stream of new customers.
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US 832 617-7959
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